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Help advance the lives of the Black Community in Atlanta

About Advance The Lives

Founded by Matt and Sarah Ryan in 2020, ATL: Advance The Lives was launched with the mission to drive real and long-lasting social change in Atlanta. Together with other Atlanta athletes, Matt and Sarah are dedicated to providing Atlanta’s Black youth with resources and equal access to opportunities through supporting local organizations and programming. By building long-term community engagement, ATL: Advance the Lives will strive to create generational change by fighting inequality where it starts—at the youth level.

ATL: Advance The Lives Initiatives

Since the launch of the GoFundMe, Matt and Sarah have been connecting with various community members, leaders, experts, other athletes and organizations to identify ways that ATL: Advance The Lives can make an immediate and lasting impact on Atlanta’s Black community. Through their conversations it became extremely evident that the key to long lasting change is by fighting inequality where it starts, at the youth level. ATL’s mission is to create opportunities for the Black youth in Atlanta and combat the systemic barriers they face by working alongside existing after-school programs. Through these partnerships, ATL will expand access to these programs, provide funding for the most important needs and supplement with additional content to elevate experiences and education. The first of many partners is The At-Promise Youth and Community Center, which will be receiving funds to address the organization’s greatest and most immediate needs.

With the goal of creating the next generation of leaders, ATL Advance The Lives will work to unify Atlanta’s athletes to empower the city’s Black youth for immediate impact that compounds over time and drives lasting change.

“Atlanta has been our home for the last 13 years, and we are dedicated to creating real systemic change within the city. We’ve been learning from activists and advocates within the city to better understand the current issues Atlanta has been facing, and it’s clear that there are significant inequalities at the Black youth level. Children are our future and our goal is to empower them and give them equal access to opportunities.”

-Matt & Sarah Ryan

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